Our procedural face masks are manufactured with one standard size of ear loops, creating a universal fit for most wearers. With this in mind, we understand that these measurements will not cater to all face shapes and sizes. This is why top health officials are recommending KN95/N95 masks, as these are fit-tested and contour to the wearer's face. Additionally, they provide a tighter facial seal, thus containing aerosols emitted when speaking, breathing, coughing or sneezing.

If you'd like to continue to use procedural masks, we recommend tying a knot in the ear loops of the mask. This will help to improve the fit and reduce the entry and exit of aerosols.

Please kindly note that the sides of a procedural mask are designed to protect the wearer from splatter and hold any liquid that may they may come in contact with. For example, a surgeon performing an operation would be protected from any blood or bodily fluids from the patient, and in turn, the patient is protected from any saliva droplets emitted from the surgeon's mouth while speaking. It is not designed to contain aerosols at the same capacity that a KN95/N95 mask does.